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Odoo Implementation

We at Al Khidma Systems understands that there is a constant growing need to better organize your business processes, keep your customers satisfied and improve on your profit making skills. Our methodologies are therefore focused on creating synergies between the legacy systems and the new age systems. We want to get the best of the worlds to establish a cohesive integration which can used to deliver the best possible solutions or help optimize the systems, applications and mechanism to the maximum.

Odoo ERP implementation services

Odoo Implementation is the service of implementing the Odoo modules and Odoo Apps , which is a suite of open-source enterprise management applications. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes odoo modules and Odoo Apps like Sales-Purchase Management, Accounting, Bills of materials, Warehouses Management and almost all running operations.

Start Project

Project Analysis

Meeting with key users and stack-holders to evaluate the needs.


Detailed Analysis

Detailed requirement analysis
We make sure the our analysis is thorough, so that we are able to gather the required knowledge of the workflow of the organization the ERP Implementation is taking shape for and provide an Implementation Strategy and a thought through Roadmap to complete Development Procedure.



After successful application installations, configurations and implementations we proceed with your business data migration from the system you have been using until now to the new system developed for you.



Preparing a solid functionality on paper and getting it developed as planned won’t change the scenarios of your organization completely unless it is implemented internally in the organization. Change Management therefore becomes one of the most frequent reasons for ERP failures.Your staff necessarily needs to engage themselves with the ERP from the beginning itself.



One of the major differences between an unsuccessful and a successful ERP Implementation is after Go live Support.


Why Alkhidma Systems

Advantages of Implementing an Odoo Solution for your business.
  • Odoo provides you with much flexibility that helps Quickly providing a Successful Implementation.

  • All business applications are seamlessly integrated to each other so the flow of Information has never been so smooth; ultimately it saves you from Data Duplicates.

  • The system will also streamline business processes & functionality and makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data.

  • Provides reports in PDFs, Excel/CSVs or Visually beautiful Dashboard Reports. With Odoo’s Dynamic Reporting System.

  • You can have report for almost any operation in the system with a Dynamic Dashboard system.

  • Most of the business realizes that a low cost, effective software service is the key to success in ERP Implementation, and that is where Odoo wins the competition, It also make sure via the nature of overall software that the customization is affordable for you.

  • Odoo keeps on evolving for you to make sure your purchase do not go obsolete with ever-growing technology.

  • ERP Implementation is the best investment you can make to help your business pace up your customer service deliveries, to keep your data organised and to keep your growth systematised.

  • Every ERP project is unique and thus requires a pre-planned detailed approach combined with a world class Quality Assurance to make sure that Odoo is implemented efficiently and meaningfully.

  • Free Consultancy Service on future enhancement possibilities for you.

  • Updating system to latest versions.

  • Security Alerts

  • New Developments so that your system does not go obsolete ever.