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Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

Odoo ERP is a complete package of all business needs solutions such as Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Financial Management, HR, Manufacturing, and whatnot. It offers you a choice of over a thousand modules and is available for both cloud or on-site. It gets thousands on a single day and comes among the most used open-source ERP solutions in the world. With Odoo integration, you can have a complete software system by which you can manage your entire ecommerce business from a single place.

Payment Gateway Integrations

We have integrated the payment gateways Paypal, Payu, Sagepay, Verifone, Realex, Square Payment gateways

Social Media Integration

Social integrations for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Insta page, Postcode lookup etc

SMS Gateway Integration

We offer multiple SMS Gateway Integrations like Msg91, Mobily SMS, Twilio SMS, Way2SMS, and Bulk SMS.

Odoo Integration Al Khidma Systems

Third-party API integration allows seamless integration of existing technologies. It helps speed up the rate of development for the forthcoming projects. There is hardly any web development project today that doesn’t involve some kind of 3rd party vendor integration. By using API integration software you can get n number of benefits like reducing manpower, save time, reduce returning policy and so many other benefits. 3rd party integration helps a lot to the e-commerce website.
  • Real time business process integration.

  • Full workflow-based process orchestration.

  • Quick and easy implementation.

  • It is highly modular. You can initiate using Odoo by some modules and can add others later whenever you wish.

  • Odoo ERP makes use of technology which is up-to-date and highly trending. These technologies are tailored to the latest business ERP requirements.

  • Odoo is easy to use yet being versatile.

  • There are a lot of boundaries and lots of communication requires to make between the two platforms; from inventory to the actual product catalog. This becomes very expensive. Using Odoo, you can manage from a single place.

  • Odoo, in comparison with SAP or an auto-solution like Microsoft, isn’t moderate, so you can just start with one application, be extremely happy, and as you move on, you upgrade to include more applications.

  • Integration with Odoo ERP in your ecommerce store can help you in managing orders, products, categories, customers, and other similar information.

  • In Odoo ecommerce you can integrate Odoo CRM, Odoo Website, Odoo Sales, Odoo accounting, Odoo Manufacturing, and others by which you can manage your system with just one system.

  • We provide various Integrations like Payment Gateway Integrations, Social Media Integrations, SMS Gateway Integrations, and Docparser Integrations.

  • Odoo integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks will help you in boosting your business and can leave you with better results.

  • We provide 3rd party applications integration services to our clients as with the development of businesses, flawless integration with the Odoo ERP has become a necessity.