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Odoo Migration

Odoo Migration

In this rapidly changing business scenario and equations, it is pertinent to adapt and be abreast with new technology and platforms for facing the challenges. Migration and re-engineering of software applications from one environment to another has become inevitable. Current businesses are evolving at a speed of light. There are many cases when the old ERP solution just cannot keep up with the new changes. This is when the company wants to migrate to a better ERP solution, i.e. Odoo. Other similar scenarios include migrating from old Odoo version to the new Odoo version. Odoo migration is a structured approach. Our team knows the importance of step-by-step migration and always keep it structured with well-defined steps.

Odoo Apps Migration

The add-on applications for the new version of Odoo would require some changes in the coding to make them more suitable. Since Odoo is built on the Python coding platform, the changes on the add-ons need to be on advanced code development. This is where you would need experts, like us, to make your migration process smooth. Know more about our services.

Data Migration

We understand you might already have data with your existing ERP setup. Fret not, we can help you migrate your existing to Odoo without utmost care so that none is lost in the process. However, you should know that the existing data needs to be configurable to the new platform and applications. We can handle all of this on your behalf. Talk to an expert!

Migration Testing

There is still some work to do post the migration and add-on upgrades. We go through a sophisticated line of testing for the migration under extreme circumstances. This is done to bring out the reliability and durability under challenging situations. To know more about how we go about our testing and quality checks, feel free to connect!

Odoo migration in Alkhidma Systems

Often, we have clients who are looking forward to migrating to newer version of Odoo from the existing one. Owing to the fast pace at which Odoo is evolving, we offer Odoo migration services to cater to business owners who are looking for the best ERP solution.
  • The time taken for a successful migration is directly related to your database and the desired number of modules that you wish to migrate.

  • Ranging on the task and the amount of data that requires to be transferred, the process can take anywhere between a couple of days to a week, the average being 3 days.

  • we can help you migrate from both Odoo Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

  • Odoo is one of the most versatile open-source business management software. It is upgrading year by year and with the upgraded version it brings a lot of new and more strong features, functionalities, modules, and apps.

  • We are the best Odoo migration company and we take care of each and every aspect of the migration.

  • We assist companies in migrating their old database and modules whether they are customized or not from older Odoo versions to newer ones.

  • It is really important to upgrade from Odoo community to enterprise version for a wide range of business management.

  • It is a crucial process of custom module making that can be the perfect fit for your current as well as the latest Odoo version.

  • We are the best Odoo migration partner and help organizations to upgrade their business.

  • Delivering seamless experience of the new version as your current version with the best advice to adopt the new standards .

  • We build-up several Odoo experts, eCommerce analysts & web designers.

  • Migration done better, faster & smoother! Be it an old store or new, we do it better.

  • We’re always in sync with the best industry practices.